All the tools you need to start selling today



Every Day Operations
A complete POS solution to manage every day sales, refunds, returns and customers.

Easy To Use
Intuitive design enables you to train staff in minutes, track surcharges on sales and customize receipts.

Works Offline
Process sales offline and work efficiently even without an internet connection or when out of the store.

E-mail Receipts
E-mail receipts automatically to customers to save on printing costs and facilitate returns.

Intuitive Search
Find products quickly by searching on product name, stock number, barcode, or description.



Product View
Easily view product lists and catalogs, with Quick Buttons or scan items to process sales transactions.

Goods Receipts
Create or upload goods receipt documentation to receive inventory at any store location.

Product Catalog
Manage a central product catalog and add product images and data via basic spreadsheet import. Track item costs and product inventory across all store locations.

Product Variants
Easily manage the products you sell with variants. The Variant tool allows you to apply simple product attributes for colours, sizes, style and more.
Goods Issues
Track inventory distribution by stores and even monitor perishable products by creating goods issue documents.

Stock Transfers
Easily transfer goods from one store to another, and monitor product levels across stores.

Purchase Orders
Issue supplier purchase orders and process goods receipts linked to each order. Effortlessly add products to sales, purchase orders or stock-takes.

Composite/Assembly Items
Define sales bundles and build assembled products using multiple inventory-managed parts and control the visibility of each bundled item in the single-product. Apply to recipe management or managing multiple units of measure for a given product.



Integrated Customer Loyalty
Build loyal customer relationships with tools that simplify program management and make it easy for customers to join.

Customer Groups
Classify your customers into different groups for ease in reporting and issue targeted discounts and offers.

Customer Credit
Track on-account balances and sales by defining credit limits for your customers.

Digitally Connect with Customers
Send digital Loyalty and Membership Cards, Gift Certificates and geolocation-specific Offers to customer iOS (Wallet) and Android mobile devices. Powered by iVend Passes, offer targeted and relevant digital offers without the hassle of a custom mobile application.



Secure Payments
Support for multiple secure payment types, including cash management, credit card authorizations and online wallets / digital payment options like Paytm.

Flexible Receipts
Print or email customer receipts and allow for on screen signature capture.

Set a different pricing scheme for each store, product or customer group.

Tax Management
Simplify taxation with support for every city, state and country tax code and the ability to configure store or item-specific tax rates.

Processor Integrations
Process secure, EMV compliant, Chip-and-Pin payments from a variety of our approved gateways and processors.

Split Tender
Give customers the flexibility to choose how they want to pay – split transactions across multiple payment types and mix cash and cards.



Roles Management
Define specific roles for administrators, managers and cashiers to track individual sales and activities.

Training Mode
Try out Tagrain without affecting any of your store data. Easily train new staff or try out new features without impacting your live production system. All sales processed in the Training Mode will not be synced with Enterprise.

User Management
Create multiple user accounts and control what a user can access. Multiple user roles can be defined and uniquely assigned permissions based on access requirements.



Track Sales
Analyze sales performance across all of stores by location, product and salesperson.

Track Inventory
Monitor inventory status and product movement through stock transactions and drill down visibility into real-time inventory data.

Transaction Reports
View inventory and sales transactions in minute detail to assess individual activity levels.

Intuitive Dashboards
Gain immediate visibility of your sales and inventory data with real-time dashboard reporting that is consistently high in quality. Provide the user with a great personal experience and access meaningful intelligence from anywhere, any time. Make data-driven changes to inventory levels, merchandising, pricing and product line-ups.



Accounting Integrations
Now all Tagrain merchants can sync business data with Xero or Zoho Books to help track sales on a daily basis.

iVend Passes
Send digital Loyalty and Gift Cards, Offers and geolocation-specific Communications. Available on iOS or Android mobile devices, iVend Passes helps retailers offer targeted and relevant digital offers without the hassle of a custom mobile application.



Cloud Based
100% web based solution runs in online or offline mode and manages automatic updates and upgrades.

Single or Multi-Store Setup
Support for a single or multiple store network with the ability to easily add additional users, registers or to open new stores.



iPad Based POS
Our POS solution runs on Apple’s sleek design with intuitive UI that is simple for you, your employees and your customers to interact with.

Web-based Management
Retail back office management and reporting is available to you from anywhere via a web browser.

Android Based POS
Our POS solution runs on Android devices with screen sizes larger than 10” so you can make any device a register.


24/7 Global Support
Centrally managed online support is available in all time zones via our Global Support Portal.

Easy Start Guide
Easily train staff and set up stores for selling with step by step instructions, plus tips and tips to help you start selling in no time!

Phone, Email and Web
Comprehensive support for Tagrain is available by phone, email and via our online web portal.

Get in the Cloud

Everything you need to know about cloud point of sale.

Cloud-Based POS Buyer's Guide